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    Another TR-1 oil change data point

    Hit the 10 hour mark on my VX Deluxe and it was time to change the oil (and grease the intermediate shaft on the pump and changed the filter). As others have suggested, I pumped out of two locations: the hose that just terminates above the filter, and where the dipstick is. As most other owners experienced, I only pumped out 3 qts (of pretty dark oil). I only put back 3 qts and it is slightly above the low level when cold.

    Apparently everyone is wary of overfilling these engines, so I was told to fill between low and half way when cold. I will keep and eye on the level but everything seems good so far!

    I am guessing that the reason we are all pulling less than the 3.8 qts (or whatever the spec is) is due to this apprehension of overfilling.

    Also, the filter I received was PN 5GH-13440-50 and the one I took off was PN 5GH-13440-60. There didn't seem to be any difference externally so I am not sure what changed.

    Anyways, I am still loving the ski, it is an awesome machine and I hope it lasts me a long time!
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    The TR-1 is not an engine you check while cold, the motor needs to be run and warmed up and then check it after shutting down. Pretty sure it says what to do in the manual.

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