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    96 Polaris 900

    96 Polaris 900 Project

    Hi, picked up a two place trailer and the guy through in a 96 Polaris 900 for $100 just wanted it gone. Itís definitely a project for over the winter. Wanted some thoughts on firing it before I strip it down and replace all the hoses and rebuild the carbs to see what I have. Any recommendations before I fire it up?

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    How long has this thing been sitting since it last ran?

    Compression test first. All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open, use a strong battery.

    Inspect the fuel. Bad gas, dirt or water in the tank = drain fuel tank, do not attempt to start engine.

    What model year is this SL900?

    Open electrical box, check what part number is on the CDI. This will tell you whether the ignition system is original or updated.

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