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    R&D Performance Products Closes Its Doors After 30 Years

    “Sometimes, you just need to move on.” That seems to be the message coming out of today’s news. In a report first broken by Vasilis Moraitis’ JetSkiWorld blog, R&D Performance Products will be closing its doors this September 27th. For many insiders who asked to remain anonymous, the news was a not-so-shocking revelation given several factors, the primary being the surmounting cost of doing business – particularly in the way of foundries and aluminum casting – in California.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com

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    Damn.... they've sure been around a long time!!! Right from MY beginning in the sport!!!

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    Wow sad to see them close up shop! I had nothing but great expierences them and their products. Great customer service all around.

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    Very sad indeed. I have always been impressed with their product and especially their customer support. I feel like their products sailed under the radar so to speak, at least on this forum, but I always found them to perform as advertised and Glenn was always quick to respond, kind and helpful whenever I had questions. Guys like Glenn and Jerry have made this hobby very enjoyable for a recreational enthusiast like myself over the years.

    I see some of their products remain in the online store, but the ECU reflash service appears to have been taken down. If Jerry sees this I hope he can shed more light on what this means for products, services and support from R&D between now and September 27.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustymuscle View Post
    given several factors, the primary being the surmounting cost of doing business – particularly in the way of foundries and aluminum casting – in California.
    Well, that's not surprising either. The Progressive policies which often lend to strict (read expensive) regulations makes the state the least industrial-friendly state in the Union. Example chrome-plating is all but unrealistic business-wise there. I get it - environment. Can't have it both ways indeed.... which is why I said this is not surprising.

    And I get the whole 'time to move on" thing, as sometime one just needs a good excuse to do it. Curious. R&D still has plenty of value/equity in it's product/patents maybe.... would certainly make for a proposition if some other start-up in some other state couldn't buy all that intilect at a bargain.

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