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    Help! 2013 Sea Doo GTX iS 260

    So I will attempt to make this story as easy as possible to convey so bear with me...

    Last fall we purchased the above ski at an auction in running condition. We picked it up in Michigan where it was titled at the auction site. Upon arriving at the viewing and pickup zone, I notice the ski had no registration numbers on it but a fade outline of NY which is New York as where it was registered last. Thought it was odd but nevertheless, we own it now so we get it loaded up. Driving back the 4 hours I am excited to get this beast oout of the back of the truck and on a shop stand to fire it up (had no battery). Fast forward, I drop a new batter in and goto crank... nothing. Ok, I check the starter relay and its dead. Easy fix... nope. Still nothing. I begin to systematically check everything out and come to find out... she was a sinker.... and in salt water and never pickled... The engine was a salt block on the inside, someone had dropped another harness (RXP.. not even the GTX with iS) in and apparently couldn't get it to start so they threw it on the auction block. Win some you loose some...

    So, today I have a new motor, new main electrical harness, starter relay and battery. Went to see if I could get the ski to come to life without putting the top shell back on (I have another harness from another iS) but still nothing. I plug the key in... hit the start button... no power. All my fuses are good, relays are new and good. Do I have to plug the shell in? It has a triangular connector that I'm not sure on what it powers... could that be it?
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