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    Yamaha XLT1200 upgrade recommendations please

    Hi there im the UK and have a 2002 XLT1200, I will not part with this or upgrade as I've never found any ski that suits my needs any better. its part of my DNA. However I've decider to upgrade it a wee bit so have fitted wave eaters and also a skat tak SS impellor. However have recently seen some adverts for upgraded exhausts etc but can't find any details on this. So I was wondering if members could recommend how to get the max out my ski without compromising its unbaleivable reliability nor sacrificing its amazing power band acceleration. Yes I know its an old 2 stroke, but as I said nothing suits me more. Any tips, advice, info would be very much appreciated arpund any performance tecommendations.Cheerz

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    If you are dead set against changing anything...then there is no reason to comment. But if you change your mind....OSB's carb mods are a good start.

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