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    What is a MSX150 worth?

    Sorry, I don't have a ton of pictures. Long story short, I love to barter and to tinker...when I have time. A month back I made a trade for a MSX 150 and a MSX110. They are both fresh water skis and have both sat for a while. The 150 has a dead battery but will fire up with my booster box. Runs fine. Will not shut off with lanyard or kill button. When I get a chance I will try the paperclip bypass on the SIFB. The engine compartment looks clean. About 180 hoirs on her. Good seat. Appears that the last owner hit something and did a repair under the hull. Looks like a solid...all be it...ugly repair. I am in the process of trying to buy some property for a future home, and trying to decide what priorities are. With no trailer...what would be a fair number to sell the 150 based on this description? I have an offer of a couple rifles for her, but not anything I don't already have in the safe. Trying to decide wether to let them go one at a time or keep them to tinker.

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    Try pulling the start/stop button apart and clean the contacts with some 2000 grit paper.

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    Sounds like a bad SIFB. So, repaired hull damage (ugly)... unknown engine state... although running... still all original (so no needed upgrades)... not trailer... title? What is the compression #s?

    If good compression (130+#) and a title... I'd say it's a $1200-ish ski in my area (PNW). But skis are overvalued around here. It'd be worth much less in a ski-tastic place like FL.


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    Yes, I do have a clear title. I am in Northwest Ohio. No MSXs for sale anywhere around here that I can find in order to compare. I gave up a $2000 work car for the pair (150 and 110) without knowing anything about them, and gave $500 for a double trailer which is really made for smaller PWC and doesnt fit them well.

    Life happens. Currently I am trying to pay for a wedding, support 4 kids, finish renovating a house, work, and tinker with an old pickup truck. Mostly just questioning when and if I will have time to get these guys tip top and ready to rip. More than anything trying to get a gauge on what would be my best move.

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