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    2004 gp1300r top speed

    Just picked this ski up with 86hrs on it. Only hits about 59-60mph. Put some sea foam in the tank and new spark plugs. Any suggestions for next steps to restore factory top speed?

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    Compression is good across the board? What numbers are you seeing there?

    After that, I'd probably be looking at impeller condition to see if that's what's causing your lack of speed.

    Does it still have the cat, or has a D-Plate been installed? There's quite a few things it may be that could be making you run a few MPH lower than expected. How about the power valves? Are they cycling properly through the RPM band?

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    What elevation?

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    What are your rpms? You should be turning around 7,200 rpm. If your not you have an engine issue.

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