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    94 750 sl question

    hey guys... well we've thawed out up here in northern ny, and I pulled the polaris out of storage, unfortunately, its time for it to go due to my military obligations... so I'm wondering what you think a fair price would be to sell it.... like i said its a 1994 750 sl, fuji engine with mikunis... no mods, but this one has the black cargo compartment, opposed to the other ones I had seen... it only has 52 hours on it, and runs like a champ... the decals toward the back are faded quite a bit, and the left rear looks like it banged on a dock for a night or so, with gel coat chipped up pretty bad, other then that its very mechanically sound,,, any ideas??? thnx guys, oh and it would also include a single trailer if ya wanna figure that in the estimate... thnx again guys, -sam

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    Sam, you can check here and of course watch e-bay for some general pricing.

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    What he said ^^^^^^^.

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    NADA is much lower then what I see them going for on ebay... oh well, maybe I'll just keep it... would like to do a trade for a stand up if anyone is interested, or know someone who is!!! thnx guys, sam

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