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    Thumbs up New Ultra 250 Owner!

    Got me a new red ultra 250x last weekend. went to the lake and put 3 hours on it Memorial Day. Water was real choppy, it cut through chop with no problem My only other experince was with SD's RXP, and RXT. I was actually going to pick up a RXT until I checked out the Kawi. Then I came home did some research for about 2 weeks and went back and picked up my big red monster. I only have 3 hours on it right now, and I'm looking to get past my breakin period. Fastest I had it up to was GPS'ed at 53mph, definatly not WOT, not yet anyways. My OD had me at 52 MPH so my OD is pretty much on. Well anyways you guys have a great site here and lots of info, and I'm looking forward to making more posts and lots of reading.

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    Congratulations on your new ski! After the break-in...ride it like you stole it!

    be safe...and have fun!

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    Congrats and enjoy.

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    Welcome, and nice to see the west coast is starting to flood with 250's

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    New Ultra 250X

    Enjoy the new toy....They rock!!! I have 3.5 hours on mine and a Laughlin trip comming up... You do the math . I am dying to get past my break in so I can open her up.......we west coast boys need to stay together since everyone out here ride seadoo. C-ya on the water sometime.......

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    More for you to look forward to-- just like I read on this forum, my ultra got a bit fastr when I got past 8 and then 10hrs

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    10 Hours on my 250 Ultra, one word...........AWESOME !!!!!!

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    Congrats on your big red monster.

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    Hey guys thanks for the words. I'm definatly looking to hit the river or one of the lakes again soon to get me past my breakin period. I'm looking also to get the pump wedge ASAP and then some other mods in the near future after i see what speed I'm running after my breakin.

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