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    PWC Restriction proposed in the area around the National Seashore

    A ban on PWC has been proposed in the area around the National Seashore. Please comment against this. Restricting access here will only lead to further restrictions in other areas.
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    You Florida guys better take notice, this crap has been in the closet for a long time but is on the way back out. Once it gets passed in one area it will make its way across the state. This all boils down to a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Someone probably blasted by a kayak that had a senator or some big wig in it and then all of a sudden it's ban PWC time. I know we are all so busy having fun but try to remember that if we don't share the water ways and be considerate of others we will be banned.

    I do plan on commenting for what good it does who knows. I'd recommend everyone that can write (not rant) in clear concise sentences, please do so in support of our sport on the form at that link he provided.

    A big part of this plan is to limit operation of a PWC within 200ft of a person on non-motorized vessel. I guess those kayak's and swimmer that my friends rescued last year would've just drowned.

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    So this is like gun laws. Never give up on retaining our rights.

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