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    Boaters code

    Another banner day here on the sound. Blue was sreamin with the new wedge and seal kit. Blu out a cougar with twin merc 250s (I know thats nothin in Fla but its still big time here). Don't think triple 300 pro maxes wouldve made a difference. These muscle guys here arent used to being holeshotted by a teeny lil boat (still very little ski traffic this time of year and certainly no ultras) and I know way better n to duel top ends. But I had to go the long way home instead of the shortcut. Don't have my rd fuel xtendr yet & got stuck w jus 2 bars left. As usual, sunset rapidly approachin. Tricky chop & currents left to go. Pulled into my back up marina and the fuel dock had jus clsd. No one seemed to be around to help so I puttered around the moorage stalls pretty concerned. Ran into a couple who offered to drive home & bring back 2.5 galls which was the only container they had. They came back 25 mins later w the gas & wouldnt take a penny for their trouble. Gave me their cell # jus in case. Jus enuff to get home with even some hammer time on the final stretch. These last 12 mos ive been asked to help people several times and always said yes but thought it was gettin to be a pain. It was a real reminder that I gotta keep honoring the boaters code no matter what!

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    boaters code all the way,

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    You never know when you'll need some help.

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