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    Anyone running the stage 2 agr or atr tunes on a Svho FZR?

    I'm fairly certain these were setup for the GP1800 platform but has anyone tried them on the FZ platform? Results? Issues?


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    From what i was told i Rode a gp1800 with the aggressive throttle tune.... yikes, not my cup-o-tea. Yea if you're racing and want the throttle to snap wot faster then you can pull it i see the benefits. Rec riding it was just a lot of ski to hold onto because it was so snappy. Im VERY sure there are people that will "feel" the ski is way faster with the aggressive throttle even though its not.

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    Hi Guys, speaking of aggressive tunes. I would consider an upgrade tune (more aggressive for my Vi Pec 3r, on my 14 FZR. Anyone out there have a set tune for this type ECU ? If so I would be very interested in discussing it. Steve Lee

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    Usually the AGR tunes are faster in mid range. Maybe 1 mph up top. I may switch to AGR tune, but I wouldn't go ATR. ATR is not comfortable when cruising or rec riding, only racing. AGR is aggressive timing. I was curious if the tune would help with the random warm start up issue, which almost seems to be more of a flooding issue than anything. At stage 2 tune I don't get it much anymore but its still there sometimes. Definitely annoying.

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    AGR is normally aggressive timing where as ATR is throttle response

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