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    RPMs and longevity?

    I am a little curious if the additional rpms from the 8150 rpm stock ECU vs the 8400 rpms with the RR ECU, on a stock motor, will affect longevity much. Does anybody have lots of hours on a stock long block running higher rpms? Guys with head mods have the better valvetrain stuff to take care of that, but just wondered if 8400 rpms is hard on the stock valvetrain over time ...

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    rpm V longevity

    I've seen valvetrain problems with an updated heads/ stock,But mostly before 10 hrs or after ...lets say 60 hrs. seems as though if its going to run 10, it will live awhile. with a cam it seems like it's alittle more likely to fail prematurely. Clatter... clatter...B-O-O-O-M I've seen that 1 too manys jawz

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    I've never heard of a stock ski breaking anything in the valve train.

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    I have the RR ECU, and have over 200 hrs on it. Rode hard and no problems with the stock motor.(not internally modified) that is

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