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Thread: 951 gtx raves

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    951 gtx raves

    So Iíve been having some idle and low rpm issues
    i have cleaned/rebuilt carbs spent hours messing with the low speed jets all that good stuff. Yesterday I was thinking what else could the problem be
    ive only had this machine for a month or so and apparently it has always ran brp synthetic oil so the raves canít be that bad
    I decide Iím going to take them apart anyway and I find this in the pro cylinder. Iím assuming it will have an impact on how this machine runs
    the carbon was really thick and baked on. Is this why Iíve had some issues?
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    I doubt youíll see any change in performance from just cleaning them. That looks normal.

    Did you rebuild the carbs with new kits? Changed fuel pump check valves? Accelerator pump works ok? Does it bogg and die, bogg and accelerate slow, or does it sputter and spit?

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    I have checked pop off and new oem carb kits
    just a weird hesitation if running around 2500tpm and try to accelerate to 3or 4000
    we have a no wake zone to get to the lake and notice it will accelerate briefly on its own occasionally. Almost as if you tap the throttle
    when it does do that it seems to run really smooth for that second or two

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    Good compression? Have you pulled the head? Checked the reeds? Stock 951 reeds donít normally give problems.

    Good fuel lines? Have you cleaned the fuel selector valve?

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    Haven’t checked the reeds or fuel selector yet but compression is 135ish and fuel lines are nee

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    I agree, those raves look pretty normal from what I've seen on my 951's

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    What brand carb kits did you use ??

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    He said they were oem kits.

    Does ski still have stock airbox or rejetted carbs with open F/A's? Did you change out needle/seat when carbs were gone thru? Any chance of a carb gasket not lining up when carbs were installed?

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