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    Considering the nature of this ski, and what my intention was when I purchased it, I wanted the mod to appear as stock as possible and be as beneficial as possible by keeping a stock appearance. The improvement with the mod is drastic, and when you lift the seat you can't even tell the mod was performed, unless you removed the rear seat base, which hides the mod. I would be very surprised if someone did the mod and didn't have the same results as I did. Also and as mentioned, I didn't want a modified look with a filter directly on the throttle body, nor did I want to modify the factory breather can or routing outside of the box where the changes would be visible.

    Great info, and makes perfect sense! I love it! Will be doing.
    Thanks again!

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    I modified both my 2008 Ultra LX, over the winter. I love this modification. I gained 300 RPM!
    I can feel a much better launch. I just ordered another air horn for my 2018 STX-15F.

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    I think I'm about to do this on my 2017 STX15F, just asking for any updates, final knowledge, or advice?

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    By far simpler is just to fit a K&N filter on the end...
    There's about 100 RPM to be gained on the Ultra LX.

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    With what you're'd still be drawing hot air into the intake relative to where the stock airbox, or even throttlebody, inlet is located. As mentioned, it's nearly a free mod and just takes very little time to perform. It also looks factory when done. A few others noted on other sites who have done it a significant increase in performance. I made the post to be helpful to those "do it yourself'ers" who would appreciate the details and wanted nearly free gains. Take it for what it's worth. Keith Salles
    Quote Originally Posted by prj View Post
    By far simpler is just to fit a K&N filter on the end...
    There's about 100 RPM to be gained on the Ultra LX.

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