Good Day to all. I am Mark. I haven't been on the board for over 4 years! I just turned 70 and have recently relocated, but still reside in So Cal. Prior to moving, I completely rebuilt my Polaris SL650 which I purchased new in '93. It's repainted (USMC Theme) and everything is like new, in and out.

After the rebuild, I took it to a local lake and had great difficulty getting it to idle properly and it was very "bogged down" and hesitated during throttle up. (I know those terms are indicative of different problems); anyway, I put it back in storage and just now am trying to get it going. I should mention that I removed the oil injection and have gone to pre mix since that was it's original downfall when an oil line broke and I fried the mag cyl. After this long lead in......

I just went thru each carb and the pop off's were about 23 when it calls for 10-18. I changed the springs and now they all are at about 17. I have double checked the carb syncs and they are good. In order to get it to idle properly, I have the lows at 3/4 out when the book calls for 1/4 on all 3. It now starts immediately and idles very well. When applying throttle, it does well until 1/2 to 3/4 when it hesitates noticeably. Although the book calls for 7/8, 3/8, 5/8 for the highs, I have them almost twice that right now. This is because I want to be rich and then come down to a good 3/4 throttle +.

I am starting and briefly running in my garage to try and get it within the ballpark before taking it out again. When I say "briefly", I mean 20 seconds or so. I'm kinda not sure why the lows would have to be wider that recommended, but I don't want to fry anything!!

Primary question: Am I correct that If it idles well will reasonably accelerate to about 1/2 throttle, my low settings and pop offs are good. If I have difficulty beyond that, I should bring down the highs incrementally and see if that corrects the 3/4+ throttle response. I know that once on the water, I can pull the plugs and read them to assist in my high settings. I am also aware of the basics of piston wash reading.

I am not looking for top performance!! I re-did the machine for my grandkids and primarily want a fun, safe PWC that is unlikely to burn up from lean settings. I know the new machines are really high tech and fast but I was always pretty pleased with my Polaris. We took it to lake powell every year for quite a long time!!

Thank You
Murrieta, Ca.