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    Quote Originally Posted by Slxrider View Post
    I put a tial 50mm on my 19 gp 1800 r. Also I did a ribbon delete cold air. Waiting for warmer weather for the exhaust prop and then tune

    Was the ribbon delete difficult being as you have a plastic intake ?

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    Bro donít go RIVA stage 2... go to a speed shop and get various parts. I got about $2k in various parts and she runs 86mph...

    Quote Originally Posted by jimtoned View Post
    I have a 2019 gp1800r brand new got the Riva stage 2 and the other difference from a 2018 is the supercharger shout is turned so the stage 2 intercooler from Riva doesnít bolt up now the problem has begun letís see what Rivamotorsports comes up with for a solution right now Iím in for a new ski 15k ish and another 6.5k on stage 2 kit and never rode the ski. Iíll keep you all posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by yamahasrule View Post
    I am buying my Red 2019 GPR this weekend and was planning on putting either the Worx or Riva BOV kit on it from the start. Anyone know if the 2017-2018 kit will still fit the 2019? FYI.... I can confirm the weak intake grate mount areas, where they cut the hull liner around the mounting points of the 2017-2018 models, have been filled in now. (I took a look at the floor model at my local shop) The hull mounts now look much more solid, and are the main reason I finally decided to upgrade and put my 1300's up for sale. Spring won't get here soon enough!
    They arenít filled in, they just arenít cut away. Just how it always should have been

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    Huh? The BOV is to protect your clutch, both in modified and non-modified Supercharged Yamahas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Floon34 View Post
    Why bother with a BOV in stock impeller and intercooler?? That will just wear out your clutch...

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    Wasn’t that bad of a job. Was harder trying to get the bolts off the Manifold. It’s tight down there just drill carefully and use silicone on the r&d sleeve. If you can find one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floon34 View Post
    Bro don’t go RIVA stage 2... go to a speed shop and get various parts. I got about $2k in various parts and she runs 86mph...
    Intriguing... what parts did you get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LT1GMC View Post
    Huh? The BOV is to protect your clutch, both in modified and non-modified Supercharged Yamahas.
    Nah BOV can actually cause more damage. If you’re constantly coming disconnected from the water and over reving the BOV is going to cause your clutch to engage and disengage excessively causing premature wear. Unless you’re in glass and the super charger is staying engaged non stop its counter intuitive to use a BOV.

    Dean doesnt use them on the race boats.

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    Deans Team.

    Starter kit, ribbon delete and fizzle IC.

    Starter kit is tune license and unlimited tuning. A Deans performance tune of course, ride plate cut, solas prop and pitch by Dean. Worx water strainer and RIVA air intake.

    Just the starter kit I was at 79-80 on the FZ, 77-78 on the FX.

    Ribbon delete put me at 82-83 on FZ, 80-81 on FX, 83-84 GP.

    Fizzle got the FZ to 84-85, GP to 85-86.
    Not sure on FX, just got it back together and got a tune issue I need to work out. Probably 83-84...
    I do need to take the pre filter (sock) off my air intakes on the FX and FZ.... I’ve read you may see 1 more mph with those off. GP air intake didn’t come with one.

    GP seems to be same to 1mph faster than FZ, and FZ 1-2mph faster than FX.

    Before the fizzle they’d lose 4-5mph with heat fade. Now they lose none.
    These numbers are based on low 80’s temps. Cooler day may eek out 1more MPH.

    The STAGE 2 kit is by no means junk, just over priced for the speeds you can achieve with less $.
    Its like triple the cost for maybe 1-2mph. I feel like with the cost of a stage 2 you could get to 95+ dong it yourself. When my skis are out of warranty I’ll push to about 90...

    Quote Originally Posted by Boog91 View Post
    Intriguing... what parts did you get?

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    Originally Posted by Impulse20098
    I read also that Yamaha have apparently reinforced the intake grate area and fixed the issue. Once that has been verified I'll be getting the gpr.

    It is not a “reinforcement” as much as it is a correction of a mistake ... Yamaha was, for only god knows why, CUTTING OUT the inner liner of the hull around the tunnel.

    Theory is they didn’t want to make longer bolts (by the millions) and cutting out the liner was cheaper. The VXR’s have less torque and don’t crack, and obviously the GP’s do.

    So really they just stopped cutting out the liner. Again, not a reinforcement, but a correction to a mistake
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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Top speeds on stock factory machines will be the same, electronically limited to the Coast Guard imposed maximum.

    Testing with the factory speed limiter removed/disabled will have to wait until these machines become available for private purchase.
    There is a slight difference in top end even stock, but a more noticeable difference on bottom end. Not so much how it feels in the pull but sound...

    The one 2019 GPR I rode didnít cavitate out of the hole like the 17-18 do. The 17-18 you can hear the engine hit the rev limiter and feel the prop seem like itís searching for water. This probably makes the 19 have better 0-30/50/60 times. However the extra bite does make it launch more and it wants to hop a lot. So you have to feather into throttle anyway so itís hard to say that itís a useable improvement. Perhaps in bouy racing when youíre leaned into a turn and already hooked and get on it, maybe it helps....

    Top end is a tad slower stock to stock and noticeable in a strange way. My 2017 when stock would shoot up to 70 and even click a 71, but the rev limiter kicks it down to 68 immediately.
    You can actually feel this down surge in speed. Let off the gas, and immediately get back on it and it shoots back up to 70-71 and then back down to 68.

    The 2019 I rode only ever got to 69, and it stays right there at 68-69.

    That 1-2mph you donít really feel the difference ski to ski. But for bragging rights the 17-18 would likely creep away in an all else identical match up in smooth water.

    But not feeling that down surge does make for a less irritating ride. Itís was kind of annoying feeling a subtle ďbrakeĒ if you will. What good is 70-71 if you canít stay there??

    So yes the wedge grate does slow it down a tad, but not more than than the rev limiter would anyway. And the gains in acceleration, for some, outweigh the loss in top end..

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