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    Ultra`150 Performance

    HEY YALL i got a ultra150.. would heads make a diffrence?? any done them.. J.W. yalls ideas!!! only after market thing done is a prop


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    I just put skiworx 42 cc heads on mine and had the carbs modded it seems to give lots of bang for the buck. If you havent done it the shredmaster rideplate is always good on an ultra helps the handling greatly.

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    Get the Factory Triple pipes it will put a big smile on your face.

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    Our 150 is in the shop now getting heads, carb work, modified exhaust, filters, etc. Should be done next week. I'll post back here with my impressions.

    I can't imagine the thing being funner to ride than it already is (with just the prop and grate).

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    Unless you plan on using the ultra 150 as a daily ski i wouldnt go crazy with the enigne mods. I was told this when i had my 150. The only part of the engine i messed with was the primer kit cuz that thing was a bitch to start. I did worx sponsons ( there shorter than stock sponsons) ride plate, intake grate, impellor, nozzle.

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