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    06 stx900 to a 1100

    Is there anything I should know before swapping engines. I have a 06 stx900 that has a bad engine and I just picked up a 96 zxi1100 (engine looks like new and has 140psi in each hole) with hull damage. Wonder what I all would need to swap the 1100 into the stx900. The engines are already removed from both machines.

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    You'll have to swap the ignition box. Your gauges probably won't work. I think the resistance range on the fuel sender is way different, don't know if the senders could be swapped or not. Don't know about the tach. Don't know about the speedo, either. The low oil warning should work.

    While you've got the engine out, pull the front cover off and replace the bearings on the oil pump drive coupling. Also, upgrade the oil lines to polyurethane and secure them properly. I'd also install a new starter while you have it out.

    I'm sure that there are other differences, but they don't come to mind right now.

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    Might think about rebuilding the driveshaft bearing and jet pump while your there.

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    Hey I would really like to buy the hull induction plates off the bottom of your 1100zxi with hull damage. I sent a PM

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