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    Should I use this prop

    Skat traks website shows a 14/19 swirl as a good choice for a 97-99 GP1200
    Stock comp stock prop will hook up a tach next time out.
    Last time out 57.7 mph hot and humid.
    I have a 14/19 swirl siting here it has to be better than the pos stock prop on there.
    What will this prop do to my rpm and speed.
    I can see gains of at least 5mph without touching the prop under the ski.
    Stock prop cavitates big time the 14/19 wont,if its a slower prop on top end than stock I dont want it.
    Tell me about the Skat 14/19 swirl

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    the swirl WILL give you tremendous bottom end but cant tell you what the top speed difference would be over a stock impeller. if it did stay the same, then you get all the benefits of the swirl with the same top end speed. you would have to try it out.
    Skat's "top speed" impeller would have been the super-slim line.

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    I think it has potential might be the right prop for the old girl.
    I will gps and watch the tach to see what she does.
    Ran 58.5 a few days ago I didnt have my tach hooked up but felt like it was on the limiter.
    Had no time to change anything I met a friend out there and got stuck on a pontoon for a whille.
    I have a Solas J and a Skat 14/20 if needed but I think the 14/19 might work.
    Once I see my true rpm I think ill try it.
    Thanks Scott................

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