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    How much fuel should a ultra 150 use

    Hi so i took my ski out last weekend it ran spot on but i put £50 pound fuel in it which is about 35 litres roughly but it was gone in about 3 hours is that normal im guessing it must be as it runs nice but wow it likes a drink haha

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    Yep, the 2 strokes do use a lot of fuel, especially if you ride them hard. Kawasaki rates both mine at one hour @ full throttle on a tank of fuel. I would assume the Ultra 150 is about the same.

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    The manual says that one tank of gas (without reserve) will last 1 hour and 9 minutes @WOT

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    Normally get around 3hrs run time on my ultra and 2.5 hrs on my stxr

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    Im about 3 hours on a full tank until the low fuel buzzer comes on. Anyone ever check how much fuel left in the tank when the warning comes on?

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    I get about 60-65 miles on a full tank. That's mixed riding.

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