Hi all!

Thank you all for the encouraging words, haters: bad luck! Some explanation:

1. I live in Europe, where an ultra isn't as common as in the US and the prices are waaaay higher, so this was a pretty good deal considering it's a 2013
2. Crank fixing (yes, the shop has a very good reputation) costs around 400 eur here, a new crank is 1600 eur
3. The cost for all the parts (2 conrods, new bearings, a full WSM gasket kit and exhaust filter) was around 700 eur.

That being said, the total (for now) is around 1000 eur. I brought the cylinder(s) to the shop, they say that they will try to polish it out (or sleeve if necessary, since thy cylinders are nikasil plated).

Here the pictures of the pistons:


What do you guys think?