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    Yet another 2003 F12-X ARX1200T3 oil pressure question

    2003 F12-X

    OIL warning light/alarm beepping.

    1) Oil /Filter NEW (Castrol 10w30 Synth)
    2) Oil level checked (Front / Rear)
    3) When idling.. BEEPS / Warning light
    4) Immediately after started 1500+ RPM NO BUZZER/NO LIGHTS
    5) Above 6000 RPM (not WOT) BEEPS / WARNING LIGHT.
    6) After reset ignition it starts and runs same the way. BETWEEN 1500 / 6000 RPM it runs perfectly fine.
    7) LOW / HIGH pressure sensors replaced.

    I'll check oil pressure today with analog gauge. +/- 3000 rpm with warm engine.

    Any advise?
    I use SAE 10W 30 Synth after oil filter / oil replacement. Should I go back to 10W 40 instead?


    PD: Hard to find High pressure sensor at local dealers here in CA.... It's the same as HONDA/ACURA VTEC oil pressure sensor 1992 - 2000+ online for $20.-

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    I took it to the dealer because the gas tank/steering recall... (free) for my surprise, they quoted just 1.5 hrs to fix the oil pressure problem because they already had the tank removed, so I saved the $800.- in labor charges.

    Days before taking the jet to the dealer I ordered the whole oil pump, seals, screen filters and gaskets. While at the dealer, they called me to say that the oil pump isn't just the problem, but the oil pressure relief valve it is too, so they order the valve + seals, etc. The valve was stuck OPEN, showing some signs of corrosion. END OF THE PROBLEM FOR NOW


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    Glad you got it fixed! Awesome the recall saved you some green too.

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