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    No power at low throttle

    I just finished rebuilding the top end of my 94 slt750, it starts and runs good but it has very poor acceleration at the low end, I have to "feather" the throttle to build up RPMs, cold or hot, and when it gets going it runs like a bat out of hell, and once it is going I can back off and slow down the rpms and get good low end throttle response, but if I slow completely down and let it idle for even a few seconds or shut it down, when I try to get going again it bogs and I have to feather it to build up RPMs, once it gets over 3000 it will hit its power and takes off, then Im good to go, it starts right up and idles fine, even at low rpms, sometimes it will die when it is bone cold but starts up immediately, this bugs the crap out of because other than that it is solid. I took it out for 3 hours yesterday and went across 15 miles of water pretty much wide open and it did fine at that top end, it is weird because I can be cruising and back off to a low rpm and speed and if I hit the htorttle before it idles it it has great low end response , but if I let it idle down it has nothing. HELP , I will try going to the basic low speed needle settings of 1/2 turn out and go from there. I am at 4500 feet so I would think a little leaner would help, maybe 1/8 turn in from the stock setting. What do you guys think. Timing? Air leak ?(although I just replaced every gasket and the reed blocks looked OK) Any help at all on this would be great.

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    Thanks, without you guys on this MB I would be dead in the water, not really, but you get the idea. I am a better mechanic every time I read this MB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by utahnewbie View Post
    Thanks, without you guys on this MB I would be dead in the water, not really, but you get the idea. I am a better mechanic every time I read this MB.
    Low speed needles drove my dam near crazy for two days last summer. I find the hi speed needles are cake to tune, but the lows are a pain in the ass. Plus those little T bones on the needles make my fingers hurt an turn purple by the time im done tuning.

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