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    Anybody with an 03 gpr or newer needs to read this!

    I have been working on an electrical gremlin for a while now and what I found was very surprising. Everybody knows the Riva EFI is prone to shorting out. Well I have been getting enigne codes from time to time 15 or 23 I have been changing sensors without any luck. I found out that the harnes that we plug in the EFI is very prone to water. If you pull it apart you will see some white plastic prongs pull them out from both the EFI and harness you will see some corosion CLEAN it out. and reinstall sometimes it s not the efi we just change it and it works because the corosion hasn't affected the new one yet. clean out your connectors and put grease on them. also look at the efi one side has a small hole water can get in there.

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