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    I was riding one of my xl800's this past weekend and the low oil beeper came on, It still showed a 1/4 tank but the dang beeper was so loud I shut it off and had my buddy that was riding my other xl800 go back to the camp ground and get the oil for it. I filled it up and took on off. Why does the beeper go off at 1/4 tank? And did I do right by shutting it off and sitting there or could I have went the other 1/4 mile to the sand bar?

    I Also plan on running pennzoil syn oil in it as the guy I bought them from used mercury oil in them. THey have 43 hours on them now and I just did the valves. I replaced the stock power valves with -10 new yamaha replacements and wave eater clips. I did this after reading these fourms about the valves. The new ones from yamaha look like billet instead of the cast ones that came in it. I hope I never have another problem with them!!!


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    When my wifes ski was oil injected I never let the oil get low enough to make the buzzer go off. The senders on these ski are not the best in the world so you never REALLY know how much fuel, or oil is in them unless you actually look in the tank. If I was you I would convert the ski to premix the next time you do any maintainence to it. It is a little more trouble mixing the oil, but worth it in my opinion. If you are very religious with the maintainence on your ski, and you inspect the oil lines, and replace them every couple of years, the stock oil injection set up will probably be fine on a stock set-up. It probably would have been fine to ride the ski another 1/4 mile to the sand bar but better safe than sorry, right?

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    if the buzzer is going off just push the mode button and the display will still flash but wont buzz anymore i know that damned thing is so loud.....

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