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    UMI / Stock Bars

    Has anybody got some experience concerning the UMI steering.
    I just put the RIVE finger throttle/bar conversion on my ski but was wondering if the UMI steering would make a big difference?
    most ofthe racing guys are using the UMI setup but it is a bit expensive to try and find out that the difference is marginal.
    Any comment here is welcome!!!
    Cheers, X

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    OK, one hour and no reply!!!!
    a couple of guys checking but that's all.......
    What do I think......thewhole of the US is only about bolting on something to go .0000001 mph faster on a mirror flat challenging is that?????
    If I have the big bucks I'll be that, worse that F1!!!)
    Come on, somebody here must be serious about the whole package and turn a nice ski into a awsome one!!!
    OK, we ride ingig surf here (I don't think you want to put your flat water ski into an of this......well, I'm pushing it but you never know....
    Now, does the UMI makes a big difference or is it a waste of money???????
    Come on, keep it coming (or get it going!!!)

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    I bought them cauce i broke my stock bars off. but i like them beter than stock there a little more comfertable cause there straiter than stock so your wrists arn't turned at a weird angle. But no real handling diffrence that i noticed.

    just my opinion take it however

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    I believe that they sit up higher than the original bars which should make stand up riding more comfartable and put less stress on the wrists and lower back?
    Also they are more forward which is changing the position of the rider a little to the front, but again, that might be marginal and not to be noticed?
    Would you buy them and drop them straight into a new ski or would you keep stock or extend the stock bars (+finger throttle)?

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    anyone have pics of the stock ones with all the pads off and all... i was thinking about getting some different bars or weld up my own and or get that rox racing pivot riser thing but i cant tell if it would work with a stock setup but i havent had my column off to check it out.

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    welding up your own should be easy. There was somebody here on theforum who used some 6mm bolts and some tubes and simply screwed them on, just don't remember whoit was.
    The ROX raisers I use on my Quad (YFZ450) butit won't work on the RXP, there is a large part coming straight up where the Bar pad is fix to, really ugly and right in the way. If you cut this of it will work though!!
    You can take your steering cover of yourself, very easy to do, no problem. Putting it back on is easy too, don't hesitate andsee for yourself.

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    yea i saw the hex bolts i just figured id ask as yesterday was a rain day and couldnt go out and play with it..

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