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    Help with water issues

    I put my ski on the hose for the first time just now and have a few questions.

    First, by this video does it look like water is flowing properly out the back?

    Second, there was no water coming out the pisser. I believe there should have been, right?

    Third, notice on the video when i rev it at the end it spits brown mixture out the flap of water, gas, 2 stroke (it's on premix and has a blockoff kit). Could have been something else? I'm guessing. Is that normal?

    I was nervous about running the premix so i mixed it very heavy. About 16 to 1. Is that why i see that out the flap when revved?

    You can see how rich i ran it in this pic of the air.
    Lol. I wanted it lubed while running on the hose.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks pretty normal to me. You may or may not get flow from the pisser. Usually there will be a dribble, but it depends on the water pressure. It's possible that the pisser has a bug nesting inside. For some reason, Kawasaki puts a couple of 90° bends in it, so you have to pull it apart to clean it. I would not use air pressure, as you'll just push the nest farther up the hose, and you could rupture the hose.

    16:1 on the oil is 3 times as much oil as it needs. Make sure to take a spare set of spark plugs with you, as well as tools to change them. Shouldn't foul them at high speed, but idling will foul them.

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    Thanks Steve! It's on a bladder, not the tank so it'll be right next time. I was bottle feeding it so I could run it rich. I was just being super cautious incase the water didn't work out. I wanted it lubed well to avoid seizure from heat. I've never put it on a hose and I knew what to do, but had to have that first time experience. I also didn't have a LOT of pressure going because the manual says to match the flow rate so I only turned the tap on 1/3 of the way. I wasn't sure it if was possible to over pressurize with the tap wide open and cause a backup or other issue.

    So that brown out the flap is normal?

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    Yes, you can overpressure it. Don't know what the brown crap is, but I'm sure it's just remnants of old oil, etc. that will get flushed out with use.

    You do know the cardinal rule of flushing, right? Start the engine, THEN turn on the water. Turn off the water, THEN turn off the engine. NEVER run the water unless the engine is running! To do so could allow water to flow backwards through the exhaust system and into the engine.

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    I turned the water up and it started pissing. Guess i had it right, then had too much and it was overflowing out the pisser once i turned it higher. I started with it at half on today with ski #2, then at 45 seconds in this viseo i turned it wide open and the pisser started going.

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    In the manuals that i've read it states to start the engine then turn the water on until a steady stream is coming out the pisser.

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    If you don't have the pressure high enough, you will overheat the front cylinder. And it only takes a slight twist of the water spigot to go from not enough to plenty. An infrared temp gun is a handy little tool and are relatively cheap now. No water or a slight dribble from the pisser isn't good. Like Rodsatheart said, a steady stream is what you want.

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