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    sorted gp1300 bogging down

    Hello everyone finally got a chance to try out this riva stage one kit again as last time it was bogging down on take off, adjusted the efi controller as you guys said and perfect, took of hard and felt quick until i turned my gps on and could only get 103 kilometers which is about 63-4 mph i hope i can get this thing going faster i was on the ocean and could,nt keep it from bouncing over the chop need to wait for a nice carm day

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    What year is your gp1300r? On the 2005 and up stage one kits it comes with a 14/20. These are hard for a stock motor to turn correctly. They can turn them ok but not great.

    I would go find me some better water and get a tach. I am going to guess you hit 65-66mph at 6800-6900 rpms.

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    2007 gpr

    thanks chrisrokc its a 2007 and i have got a pet-2100 coming to try and work out what is happening next i will put the riva heads and reed stuffers in and go try again

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    The head will help and the stuffers should help on the low end. If you have the money get some VF3 reeds. I added those and it woke my ski up big time!

    Went from only being able to pull 66 ish to 71 today.

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    Where are you located Nev?

    The ocean can be a really hard place to test. Sounds like your on the right track though.

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    Hi Duke

    Hi Duke i,am in a town called Geraldton which is in Western Australia.

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