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    oil extractor's found at normal shops?

    The ski I just purchased is, apparently, at about 8 hrs. I need to change the oil but can't seem to find a fluid extractor pump at a "brick and mortar" shop. Any suggestions? Do boat/ski shops usually have them in stock? I've been looking at online inventory for automotive and hardware shops and can't seem to find anything. I can take it to a local shop for the first oil change, if I have to, but I'd rather not.

    Also, anyone have recommendations for oil? I know what I run in my cars and my bikes, but haven't looked much into recommended oils for skis. (I know, this one has probably been covered to death and I could search for it, but I figured I was already asking one related question, so what the hell.)

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    automotive stores have these pumps...Oriellys for sure.

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    I looked at some of your other posts....You have a 2007 1300r ?

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    No, I have a 2007 FX HO.

    ps-Thanks for the replies. Glad I'm just retarded and they're not impossible to find in stores.

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