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Thread: Drain Plugs?

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    Drain Plugs?

    I just purchased a 2016 Sea Doo Wake.

    After getting home I realized one of the drain plugs was missing. It does not look like the hull ever took on water.

    Is there some type of check valve in case old owner was driving with no plug??


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    Yes, but would still recommend getting a replacement and a spare.

    Also wouldn't hurt to back it in the water while still on the trailer and let it sit for 10 minutes to ensure no water comes in.

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    Thank you! Replacement and spare already ordered.

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    Not trying to sound like a jerk, but are you sure it's not the flush port you are looking at? There is no plug for that. I only ask becasue my heart skips a beat everytime I notice it on mine and I know what it is.

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    Thanks for asking. But no I see the flush port up and to the left. Then I see the 2 drain ports. One has a cap and the other does not.

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    Last year, when mine was still new, I rushed out, hooked up and beat it down the driveway to head to another glorious day on the bay. After 5 miles or so, I remembered I didn't screw the plugs back in. Pulled off the side of the road and checked them. One was still hanging there-one gone. Shit. Since my dealer was on the way, I stopped and got a new one. 12 bucks!!!? Gotta pay to play I guess. Uneventful great day on the bay and I headed home to find my plug laying in the driveway, rather than lost on the highway. So I got a spare out of it.

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    I have a 2010 Wake 155, just got it at the weekend.
    I used it in the sea and washed the engine compartment but it drains really slowly, not more than a trickle from both plugs.
    Is this normal or should it drain quickly?
    If it’s blocked, what’s the procedure for clearing it?
    It’s my first ski, trying not to break it.

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