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    Supercharger rebuilders

    I have a 2009 FXSHO that a exploded a piston in cylinder number three. The Ski has around 360 hrs on it so I'm replacing everything during this rebuild so I have no issues down the road. I want to go ahead and have the supercharger rebuild also. This is my question should I just send it out and have a shop go thru it? If so any recommendations on who I should use? Or should I just buy the kits and do the rebuild myself.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated....

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    Really, no one? Come on guys someone must have a suggestion?

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    just buy the two peice bearings from the store and do it yourself. its simple to do

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    Pwc muscle does the rebuilds I believe. There’s definitely shops out there. Call up WFO performance in Texas. He’s a great guy to deal with. Ship the assembly to him

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