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    Getting a Maint message on startup!

    Just replaced my clutch washers yesterday and ran the ski for about an hour and it ran great! Went out today with some buddies and it ran great all day but about halfway through I started getting a "Maint" message displayed but it would go away quickly! What does this mean? Thanks for the help in advance!

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    how many hours? the ECU is programed to display this at maintence intervals to remind you to take it in for service either take it in for the dealer to do or do it yourself and take it in to get the dealer to clear the maint warning
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    Maint = Maintenance.

    It's time for the next maintenance. If you do the maintenance by yourself, I'm not 100 % sure if you can reset the warning (you might need the Seadoo tester to reset it).

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    Thanks, I knew it ment maintenance, I just didnt know if it was a reminder for regular maintenance or if it was detecting a leak or something from when I installed the washers! Thanks guys for the quick response.

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