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    No need change crankshaft and no need to take out crankshaft for 14-16 seadoo Sparks. But yes you will need some tools and open bottom engine to see crankshaft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by truck240 View Post
    The short answer is to fix it properly you need a new crankshaft. The sad truth is the part is $1500 and if I'm correct unavailable due to backorder. The reason for the curved splines is to allow some degree of misalignment tolerance. I feel bad for anyone with a 2014 -2015 Seadoo Spark who encounters this failure. IMHO the fact that Seadoo changed PTO design due to failures 2014 - 2015 Sparks should have been recalled. My only suggestion is to try using something like Loctite 660. It's used specifically state repairing worn splines and key ways.
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    The PTO is stripped and the driveshaft splines are rounded over. Everything I have found leads to me needing a whole new crank. I have tried the "dimes" method to move the shaft back, but that's exactly where the worn spot is. Has anyone come up with a new fix? It seems like if the splines were cylindrical instead of curved this problem could be avoided...
    No need to change crankshaft and no need to take out all crankshaft just need to open bottom of engine to see crankshaft and couple of hours job

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    Solving the shaft problem. The sleeve is made and change the glands to a different size. All information on the size listed in the description of the video.

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