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    SLTX 1050 shorting out battery

    I have been having an issue with my ski where when I turn off after riding the electrical system dies.

    i had posted this issue before and found it to be a bad battery. Took my brand new battery back to advanced auto and they tested and wait it was toast. Gave me a new sealed batt under warranty, put it in, unplugged mfd to reset it and everything worked like a champ.

    kept starting on trailer each day and no issues.

    went out last night rode for about 45 mins stopped at friends place for about 45 mins then went to start ski and completely dead. When riding was monitoring voltage on mfd and seemed to jump to 14 volts when under acceleration so appears stator is ok.

    prviously tested grounding system and had 0 voltage ingrounding system even when trying to start.

    now I am thinking something is killing the battery- any idea what would kill it... is mfd bad or what else can I test.?

    i am one step away from parting this thing out but want to figure this out if I can

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    Anyone? Any ideas on what this could be?

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    What happened after you charged the battery ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by casey67 View Post
    What happened after you charged the battery ?
    I have had it in trickle charger all night and it is up to 13.8 volts. Itís a 2 amp trickle.

    when I got my new battery last time it started right up and ran on trailer and started and ran fine in water but after about 45 mins shut it down and dead again.

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