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    Waste gate turbo lag help?

    I have an 06 F-12x that rolls out of the hole but when you let off the throttle is falls on its face and lags but eventually catches up and goes back to full speed. Itís really bad in a hard turn. I get right at 59 mph on 93 octane fuel with pretty warm water temps. I have two identical skis so I swapped almost all of the easy parts. Put a new WGS and actuator on it. Swapped ecms. No water in the oil. boost is at 11-13 psi. I can overboost it easily with a manual boost controller but only on the holeshot. It eventually drops to about a11. I connected a device to the actuator rod to indicate its position so I could watch it while riding and it shows to be going fully closed. I read that no idea put a spring on his actuator but that didnít help me any. Any help would be super appreciated

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    sounds like water intrusion. have you pulled a fuel sample or taken a look at the pistons to see if they have been steam cleaned?

    water in the fuel tank, water leaking into the intake via the intercooler?

    very common on sea doos wither externally cooled intercoolers, full power and boost....let off then a slug of water goes down the intake and then you punch it and it has to clear the water out before it returns to full power....ends up cleaning all the carbon off in the long run.

    just guessin though

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