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    Resurrecting my 06 RXP what should I do?

    Hi everybody been a while since Iíve been on the forum. I have an 06 RXP 215 and had catastrophic engine damage last year due to valve failure. It dropped in the cylinder chewed up the piston, head, and cracked/split the engine block....engine done. Iím pretty sure your all familiar with this scenario or have heard of someone that this has happened too it sucks. Anyways I was thinking about putting a new motor in it and would like an opinion on what I should do to bring it back to life and what I can do to prevent that from happening again. Its an 06 RXP 215 and I have a few mods on it already hereís a list:
    Riva racing power filter kit
    riva rear exhaust kit
    riva O.P.AS. Block off
    riva top loader intake grate
    riva pro sponsons
    Riva 2 degree pump wedge
    Riva xx supercharger wheel
    Riva solas impeller donít know which model
    Riva blow off valve older model
    UMI steering

    06 seadoo RXP 215 (stock) yellow
    06 seadoo RXP 215 (slightly modded) red

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    Cracked the engine block? Well you will need a new block at minimum and that aint cheap unless you find one used. Best thing to do is find a used or rebuilt motor and put it in but thats still like $2k minimum plus labor.

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    Part it out... for starteds i would buy some of those mods you have on there!

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    buy a running RXP for $3500 and enjoy it, part out yours to offset the cost

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    I can help you out even if your looking for a built long block cp pistons,carillo rods,sorings retainers stg 2 cam you will be set.I also have block ,crank,pistons exc

    931 256 7188

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