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    ISO: 03 Kawasaki Ultra 150, junk carb or oil check valve spring

    I had another post about the issue, but now i need find either a junk Carb i can steal the part from or if anyone has one and wants to sell me the spring behind oil line fitting on carb. Otherwise i'll go to plan B suggested by someone here.

    Thanks for time in advance.

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    I have a set of carbs I'll get rid of. Their off my 05 Ultra 150

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike508 View Post
    I have a set of carbs I'll get rid of. Their off my 05 Ultra 150
    Thank you, but looking for a junk carb or if someone wants take just spring out and sale me it.

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    I probably have a junk set with a spring and ball laying around.. shoot me a PM if Interested

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