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    Flyboard Jetski - what years are too old?

    I have received conflicting information about the ability to use an older ski with the flyboard. I know they will not be the best use of it but as a secondary ski and sometimes having to use them would either of the below run the flyboard with a 10 stone person? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

    1999 - Yamaha GP800

    2004 - Yamaha FX140

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    I think the FX140 would be your best bet. You want 150HP+

    2 strokes not going to like the sustained RPM for hours on end.

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    Jamie, thanks for your reply. I get what your saying and its great to know the FX140 should work if needed!

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    2 stroke don’t work well the NA Yamaha 1800 is the ideal unit, but mr-1 motor will work, the NA 155 seadoo work well too but then you have the issues of running an old seadoo

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    Sea-Doo 130,155 can get you up around 15 maybe 20 feet at 180 lbs.I is a 26 FX SVHO with dual impeller and can street my hose the full length.65 feet is total length so no problems getting 50 feet up.A 180 na Yamaha will do it but I highly recommend a dual impeller no matter what ski you use.You can reach out to me for any specific questions if you'd like.

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