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    Exclamation Ultra 250x Running Wrong Until 4,000rpm

    This happened to me last weekend. When I started the watercraft the first time was everything ok. After 20 minutes of use I turned off for 15 minutes, when I started again it was having ruff idle and it was running wrong until 4,000rpm, after that rpm everything was great again like nothing happened. but when I turned off and turned on again start the same problem and after 4,000rpm everyting come to normal again.

    Did somebody know whats goint on??

    My watercraft have the riva freeflow kit, wedge and pick up fuel. and has 35 hours of use..I was thinking to change the sparkplug, but I don`t think that is time. My friend it was having the same problem 2 weeks ago but worst. NEED SOME ADVICE AND HELP....

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    Mine did the same thing after refueling, but it has never happened again.
    I think it might be some bad gas or vapor lock.....

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