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    Raw deal from ski dealer or lesson learned?

    We live near a very large inwater lake in Illinois and thought it's time I get my daughter use to a ski and to the idea of being on the water and found
    a large couch body style I was sure to be good for our situation, a SUV. I started watching the traders and Ebay and found a dealer in Tennesse that had this ad posting on Ebay
    "This auction is for a 1999 Yamaha SUV 4-seater Jetski. The ski is in great condition and has only 53 hours on the motor. If you you have been searching for this hard to find ski, then look no further. This ski is about as stable as you will find on the water, and has all the storage and seating capacity you could want. We have been in the business of selling high-quality used powersport equipment for many years and stand behind our vehicles, so bid with confidence and have fun!"
    The dealer answered a few questions I had about the ski and won my confidence, I won the action in Feb of 06, made the drive down there looked it over, body was in very good shape, he ran it on trailer and said he would give a 30 day warrenty on it starting from the first day I put it in the water. Late May 06 had it out for the first time, ran fine but started noticing things as I became more familair with it. First off I had found a FLA registation from a guy who had owned it BUT dealer had told me it hadn't been in saltwater, the intermidate shaft showed signs on being in
    saltwater and while wiping the bilge down I found a couple of shims whereas 1 of the motor mount bolts wasn't tightend downall the way, no biggy really so I did the motor/pto alignment thing and seen that 1 of the muffler stay bolts is hanging out and 2 others are loose. At about 65 hours,having used it 10 hours, my girlfriend, daughter and I had to get pulled back to trailer, the flywheel bolt didn't appear to have been lock tighted and worked itself out breaking the stator with it so I called Joe/dealer and explained my ordeal to one of his workers/phone clerk cuz Joe wasn't in, this was late August and only got to take it out for 2 more cruises in Sept 06. Winter project I went through the pump section and the pump housing had to be replaced showing wear of way over 65 hours of use BUT Joe did say the motor ONLY had 55 hours on it. May 07 second time out it dies while cruising then again on the next time out and melts down #1 piston the third time out, as I am tearing it down I can see the poor quality that had gone into the upper rebuild someone has done, I called a company to send out a motor and talk with Jennifer and went through the normal qusetions, "is there any holes/cracks in cylinders/crankcase "no is my answer" and I ask her "what about the saddles on the motor and she says wait till you get our motor and see if you have to take yours off or not" Ok I have to take the saddles off and when I roll it over I notice greyish color under middle cylinder and then see where at 1 time a rod has gone through the crankcase and it had been repaired, NO holes or cracks and nothing that I had known to be wrong with the core at the time Jennifer and I had talked when placing the order.
    1.) It's probably best to call Jennifer and let her know what I have found when removing the saddles on my core?
    2.) Do I have anyrecourse again Joe/dealer that I feel knew nothing about this ski at time of the sale and he was giving me all the answers I wanted to hear just to
    make this sale?

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    I see no recourse with Joe because of the amount of time that has elapsed. He definately did you wrong, but next time you may want to take a knowledgeable friend with you or have it looked over by a dealer. Consider it a lesson learned. Hopefully Karma (sp?) will get Joe one of these days.

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    sales people, dont trust them period.

    Well except for the guys on this forum

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    Take the loss and go get a new GTX or RXT.

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    It is a shame when people can not be honest. I can only hope you did not pay too much upfront for this. I will tell you after owning one of these skis for several years that I would not trade it for anything. I have had a few problems with mine but once I worked through them it has been bullet proof. Best Family ski period not too fast will pull anything and anybody can ride it with ease. If you have any questions pm me anytime.

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