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    2019 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 February 23, 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socaloffshore View Post

    last Mark Hahn race is 2019 - be there, make the last one the best one!

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    Get that Pit Crew Ready!!

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    Desert Steel Motorsports is looking for two boats to help out with the Mark Hahn 300 this Saturday on Lake Havasu. This is a paid position. If interested and available from 7:00 am to approx. 3:30 pm on Saturday please contact Ken Lowry (92 486-1916.

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    Mark Hahn 300 Important Information

    Mark Hahn Memorial Race Teams:
    We look forward to seeing you this Friday/Saturday for the 15th Annual race. There are some important times, locations, information that all teams should be aware of:

    1.) Registration opens on Friday at Crazy Horse Campground (Upper parking lot) at Noon and closes at 6:00 pm, all teams must sign in and then go to safety inspection which is also located in the upper parking lot of Crazy Horse Campground. If a team member (rider or crew) isn't available on Friday, there will be a registration/safety inspection on Saturday morning from 6:30 - 7:30 am in the pit area of Crazy Horse Campground. Rider's and crew's not checked in prior can check in at that time. Note: If you haven't pre-registered yet you must register either Friday or Saturday morning by 7:30 am. You must choose your class, the Chief Inspector Rich Boell is available to answer questions but will not choose a class for you, this must be done by the participant. You may change classes up to 30 minutes prior to the race start. If you are found to be in the wrong class after the event during post race inspection, you will be automatically dq'd from the race.

    2.) The "hot pits" will be open from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm to all teams that have cleared registration/safety inspection to set up their traction material for the race and bring in fuel drums. The hot pits are 1st come, 1st serve with the exception of the stand up area that will be defined strictly for stand up's only, no runabouts will be allowed in this part of the pits. No pop up tents, chairs, coolers are allowed in the "hot pits." The "hot pits is only for the start, pit stops and finish of the race. All crew members must have proper credentials to enter the pits. Open toed shoes are NOT allowed in the "hot pits" and no small children or pets are allowed in the hot pits. Your individual pit is located on either side of the "hot pits" and where your equipment will be located. NO ski's/runabouts will be allowed to stay in the "hot pits" overnight only traction material/fuel. Ony UTV's & quads are permitted to tow into the "hot pits" no other vehicles are allowed in the "hot pits" per DSM. One final reminder, traction material may be brought in by any team but it is community property during the race, which means it to be shared. If you didn't bring in traction material and use someone else's you must be respectful and keep it the way you found it during the event. All traction material must be safely put down on the beach. Nothing may be allowed to stick up as to cause any harm from any other participant/crew member. Last, all traction material is to be removed by the teams that brought it after the conclusion of the race. This also goes for Fuel drums,oil, batteries, etc.

    3.) The "hot pits" will re-open on Saturday morning at 7:00 am. Rider's meeting will be at 8:00 am at the DSM trailer. All rider's participating and 1 crew member must be present at the Rider's meeting.

    4.) Please read the attached rules that govern the event and print a copy.

    For technical questions, please contact Rich Boell -
    For Registration questions, please contact Jim Russell -
    For all other questions, please contact Ross Wallach -

    We wish all competitors good luck this Saturday!


    Ross Wallach, Race Director
    Mark Hahn 300
    1803 Morgan Lane
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
    Phone (310) 318-4012

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2019 MH Race rules V 1.2.pdf  

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    Congratulations Troy Snyder & Chris MacClugage & Kole Kramer!!!

    Congratulations to #110 Team of Troy Snyder & Chris "Mac" MacClugage from Jupiter/Bradenton, FL on their over victory and 1st in class for the 4 Stroke Stock class and Congratulations to Kole Kramer, #202 Lake Havasu City, AZ who won the Stand up overall, 1st in class in the 4 Stroke Modified class, Stand Up "Ironman" Champ and was presented with the Mark Hahn Memorial Trophy award!!

    Congratulations to all the Class winners and everyone that competed. It was a great day of racing with 43 starters and some 8 runabouts still running at the end and 6 stand ups out of 11! Attrition was the word of the day!!

    OVERALL & Results by Class:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2019 MH300 Overall Results.pdf   2019 MH300 Results by Class.pdf  

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