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    Newbie with a new toy

    New to the forum, just want to say Hi.

    My boss just gave me a 2003 LZXI 1100 with less than 10 hours on it. What do I need to watch and what can I expect. Since I got it, it has rained every day so I haven't been able to put it in the water yet. Plus I need to practice backing up the trailor unless I can find a pull through boat ramp. lol

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    I have an older version of that ski and it's a blast. That thing shoud run atleast 55-60 mph.

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    i have a 2002 zxi 1100 and its a pretty nice ski...goes about 59-60 mph. its pretty sweet taking it full throttle, but you have to watch the wake....

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    Welcome guys!

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    Gave? Wow.........must be one helluva nice boss.Y'all hiring?
    Welcome to the forum.

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