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    95 SL750 Lacks WOT power under load

    Hi all,

    I would really appreciate any advice you can offer to help me keep this piece of history on the water.

    My 95 SL750 ran great when I put it up for the winter last year. Now, it starts, idles, and runs fine on a water hose. But...

    PROBLEM: Will only rev to about 3-4K under load in the water. It will slowly get on plane and then go at half speed. Turning is a joke.
    (The MFD went out over winter so I am guessing at the rpm based on sound.)

    Doesn't miss or surge, but sounds like a rich bog and cleaned plugs come out black and oily after a few mins running in water.

    Mods: Triple fuel pump, Primer, Ocean Pro Vortex air filters, runs pre-mix 40:1


    1. All cyls read 90-95 psi on a compression test.
    2. In-line fuel filter replaced.
    3. Verified blades open at WOT.
    4. Cleared separator.
    5. Drained and replaced fuel. added Seafoam to tank.
    6. Cleaned plugs and verified spark at each cyl.
    7. Suspected cavitation - Impeller was damaged. Replaced impeller with OEM
    8. Inspected stator, no damage.
    9. On trailer, removed gas cap to rule out bad cap or vacuum in tank.


    My only guess is to rebuild the carbs and/or rebuild the top end with a piston kit to regain compression.

    *Stumped because nothing changed over winter.*

    • How would it run rich now, and if it is indeed a rich condition causing this, does that point to a carb rebuild solution? Must be getting enough fuel if its running rich?
    • Yes, compression is low but was running good last year (6050 rpms on water) and all 3 cyls read the same.

    QUESTION: Where would you start? Carbs, top end, or other?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Best regards,
    ps. I'm not trying to avoid the obvious, but feel like I may be missing something others may have seen before.

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    Have you tried running it with the MFD unplugged?

    Compression is very low. Should be 120 ish

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    Thanks for the quick tip. I disconnected the MFD and the in water results were the same.

    I'm going to put new plugs in, do a proper plug chop and will post the results.

    Thank you,

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    Verify your choke plates are not hanging up. Had a cable that was binding once, even though the choke lever moved on the handlebars, it didn't operate the choke plates at the carb.

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    Reporting back on this one. Took the carbs apart and the diaphragms were quite distorted. Replace them and she spins up to 6050. Just need to fine tune now.


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