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Thread: Adjust-A-Thrust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazard Racing View Post

    When you ran the AAT did you bore the nozzle to 87mm like Bruce suggests ?

    I also have a 1200 Pro and was looking at getting one of these, in an effort to gain more top speed.
    Bruce says you will gain acceleration by boring the nozzle to 87mm and you will gain the speed back from boring the nozzle with the new tip inserts.

    Currently my 2001 Pro 1200 only runs 59mph on GPS , stock.
    I added Boysen pro reeds and gained no speed.

    Do you have any performance tips for the 1200 PRO?

    I was told a Hot Seat ride plate would get the nose up better and free up some speed.

    No, I didn't bore the venturi (nozzle), I wasn't aware of that recommendation. As far as mods, I was only trying to improve the acceleration and handling. I never tested or paid attention to the peak speed-only the peak RPM of the engine. In fact the speedometer rarely functioned because it used a pitot tube in the pump tunnel that always got plugged up.

    That said, these mods gave a noticeable bump in throttle response, acceleration and handling:
    -V Force reeds
    -Hot Seat 92 octane head domes
    -Watcon ride plate
    -Polaris or Beach House sponsons

    I sold it to a forum member in 2012 and he is in the process of installing triple pipes but I haven't heard of any progress lately. I spent 11 seasons on the ski and loved each one even though it was in the shop a lot.

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    Thank you pro1200 and Bruce for the reply’s .


    would like to find one of these Watcon or Hot Seat tide plates.
    I am a sheet metal fabricator by trade, I could make my own if I had one to clone or if someone has the prints .

    Thank you.

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