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Thread: 2004 rxp

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    1. Even though the prop is obviously new it only takes one rock to mess it up.
    2. If the bellow has lost its spring and it sucks air from the hull through the jet pump it will cause the cavitation you are describing. My bellow on my 2013 RXTX went up only after 4 yrs.
    3. If you fill in the holes in the ride plate and smooth the edges around it with silicone you could get up to 2 mph top speed.

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    The jet pump seal looked to still be in good shape. This ski has never touched salt water either. My top rpms are only 7900 pushing 69 mph

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    Take 2 Large zip ties and snug them down in the grooves of your bellow. If it jumps up the way you want it to then, your bellow is worn out. Replace or get a bellow band by speed freaks. You also said something about a 15/20 impeller, since both of our machines arent spinning at max RPM's with the 14/19, I'd say the 15/20 is going to be way to much unless you up the supercharger to the X charger.

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    You can also get a pump wedge to help get up out of the water faster from a stand still. I think I have either a 2.5 or 3 Degree wedge with VTS extension and mine 04 rxp jumps right up on plain.

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    I believe I have A 3 degree wedge on mine. But I donít have a vts extension.

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    Now i have a new problem.. anyone ever had the code for the exhaust temp sensor show up? Ski does not bog down or go into limp mode at all. But when the light comes on I shut it off and start it back up and the code is gone. Light comes back on after about 15 minutes of moderate riding.

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