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    TS640 ignition arcing/low power/what am I getting myself into?!?

    Hello all, new here, which i had found this before buying. May be regretting supporting my son purchasing a 98 Tigershark 640, and wife and I purchased same (both rebuilt from same guy who resells) so we could have 2.

    Ran great in water test and first several rides. These have the re-built suzuki motors. Last time out on water after 30 minutes mix of on the gas and some idling in on wake, power drop, can't get on plane. Won't idle, but runs consistently all the way to the boat launch.

    Plugs look good.
    Compression check = 160 and 170, seems ok there.
    Was going to go into carbs, but I was able to run pre-mix straight into carb and seemed to run well on the trailer.
    Then, I happened to notice significant arc'ing between the two plug wires - on both ski's. Assuming these haven not been replaced in a while, although the ignition coil in the box looks clean and nice.

    Looks like online (thanks to the pinned posts) the OEM's are hundreds, and there are aftermarket by JSP for $40 with almost no reviews.
    Thoughts/suggestions on the arcing and replacement parts?

    I am starting to think I need to get rid of these and quick as they may be a constant headache.

    Thank you so much.

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    Anyone with Tigershark experience that can offer suggestion(s)?

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    If anyone was curious it was broken off piece of reed valve

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