So, I've owned my FZS since new and every time I'd go out I'd open up the drain plugs and nothing would come out. This season I'd open up the drain plugs and get a liter or so of water pouring out. I've read some forums to see what the diagnostics/problem could be. I've since run some hose water in the ski and noticed that some water was leaking out by the intake grate bolts. I have good mechanical ability but I haven't done much on my ski other than winterizing/changing oil/changing plugs. I saw on one thread someone sealed a similar leak with some 5200 so I was thinking of taking the intake grate bolts off and resealing with a glob of 5200. I also saw issues with the carbon seal... Not exactly sure what or where that is.
I'd like to get some feedback from others that have experienced this problem and some guidance in the right direction.
I do bay/ocean riding(salt water)
Any help would be appreciated