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    Lost injector on gp1300

    Riding the ski today, lost power on cylinder 1 have compression and spark. I think I lost an injector. I have an 03 with 170hrs on it. I've heard its common....Is there an updated part number? Are the 05 to 08s the same?

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    You might want to check for a broken reed valve also!

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    Is that about the time they begin to fail? I know my snowmobile had 5k miles on it and the edges were feathered, but it is also only 5 years old.

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    Giving an update. Cylinder 1 has enough compression to move my finger, but only 10 psi on a gauge. I don't understand how just driving along and 0 warning I completely lost a cylinder. .....I thought these motors were good for 400+ hours on a all stock motor. So what could this be something simple? Blown head gasket? Is my next step to pull the head?

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    I just finished doing cylinder #3 on a 90 perhaps it has something to do with cooling and or the viscosity of the oil you are using. Usually piston damage is caused by heat, which in turn is caused by either one of 3 things 1) lack of cooling water 2) lack of lubricant oil 3)lean condition Also the cat. converters hold a lot of heat which in turn causes a hotter engine compartment and exhaust. You have to find what caused this. And I have a lot of experience with the 1200 pv motors and I always use a d ring and bypass chip to remove cat convertor

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    Oh yeah the cat is gone its was removed day one before the ski hit the water. and I also have the jetworks kit. My cyl 1 plug looked a little lean. The other 2 were fine. Maybe I did have a clogged or dirty injector. Or maybe a clogged oil line. Bad oil pump. I've only ran amsoil in the thing. Who knows what it could be haha. This did put a dampener on my lake of the ozarks trip next week. It would be a little hard to turn this thing around so quick.

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    Did you already pull the head?

    Did you have WaveEaters installed on your PVs?

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    Yes I got home from work today and pulled the head. Found the edge of the piston melted on the exhaust side. But the hole goes through to the case. If the Oilers were to go out is cylinder 1 the first to go because it has the shortest line? I turned over the engine for about 15 seconds and nothing came out of the lines. Also if a reed failed would it burn up a piston like this? Are we talking a jug and a piston or a complete engine rebuild because it burned through. And no I don't have the wave eaters, I heard that was more of a 1200 problem rather then the 1300s.

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    Update; just turned over the engine at wot and I'm getting a pulse drip of oil every 3 ish seconds.

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