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Thread: What is this?

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    What is this?

    I took the head off the Kawasaki 15f. Finally put it back together again and I have this left over.

    Please help

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    Camchain guide bolt

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    It looked important. It's sounds important. Thanks for your help.

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    I been trying to get this guide bolt through the eye of the camshaft chain guide but it never lines up right. Is there a trick or could there be something else I need to think about.

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    That is the top bolt for the exhaust side (stationary) guide. Perhaps you may have to release the chain tension, by removing the tensioner on the other side, install the bolt then re-install the tensioner, per the manual.

    Do you have the service manual?

    Quote from manual:

    " Camshaft Chain Tensioner Removal CAUTION
    This is a non-return type camshaft chain tensioner
    [A]. The push rod does not return to its original position
    once it moves out to take up camshaft chain
    slack. Observe all the rules listed below:
    When removing the tensioner, do not take out the
    mounting bolts only halfway. Retightening the
    mounting bolts from this position could damage
    the tensioner and the camshaft chain. Once the
    bolts are loosened, the tensioner must be removed
    and reset as described in "Camshaft Chain Tensioner
    Do not turn over the crankshaft while the tensioner
    is removed. This could upset the camshaft chain
    timing, and damage the valves."

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    Tensioner was already off. Anything else? Should it be difficult or you think difficulty could be related to larger issue?

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    Without seeing it, I have no other ideas

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    Have you still got the cams in? May need to remove them so you can play with the slack in the chain, allowing the hole in the guide to line up.

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    make sure head is torqued properly.

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    Cams are off

    Head was torqued to spec

    Seems like I should pull the head and verify my work.

    Any Kawasaki mechanics in the Albany NY region? I'm losing my enthusiasm for this project.

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